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About us

Who We Are


Your preferred Partner for Italian Travel

We represent the newly established business unit of Going, an Italian tour operator with its roots dating back to 1982 in Turin. Presently, under the ownership of MSC Cruises, a prominent presence in the global tourism and cruise sector, we stand as a testament to an illustrious heritage.

As an incoming tour operator, we craft unparalleled and tailor-made travel encounters within Italy, often called the “Belpaese” in our native language, signifying “the beautiful country.”

Our unique focus centers on the astute digital traveler who seeks personalized travel journeys meticulously crafted with care, competence, and ingenuity. Our operational hubs are strategically positioned in the vibrant cities of Rome and Milan .

The Mission

You are our priority

We stand as your steadfast reference as a Tour Operator for the Italian market, embodying reliability, and customer-centric values. Our fundamental belief lies in providing luxury services and encapsulating the essence of “luxury of experiences.”

Going2Italy’s overarching goal is to grant unparalleled access to the finest offerings Italy presents:

  • Tailored travel experiences and private tours meticulously customized for leisure travelers, including couples, families, friends, or small affinity groups.
  • Carefully curated hospitality and top-tier transportation arrangements.
  • Bespoke Concierge support tailored to your specific needs.
  • Commitment to a sustainable supply chain, promoting responsible and eco-conscious practices.

We offer a cutting-edge booking platform and a team of seasoned professionals specializing in the Incoming Industry. Our collective expertise encompasses travel design, product specialization, and an in-depth understanding of Italy and the upscale market.

A Proud Partner of

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises, entirely family-owned, serves as our parent company. Hailing from Switzerland, this European entity boasts deep-rooted Mediterranean connections and maintains a global workforce of over 30,000 employees. With cruise vacations available in 69 countries worldwide, MSC Cruises remains a prominent force in the industry.

By 2023, their fleet will reach a noteworthy count of 22 vessels, including the recent addition of MSC Euribia, a ship representing an investment exceeding 1 billion euros. Notably, this vessel marks the second in the MSC Cruises fleet to be powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas).

As the world’s third-largest cruise brand, MSC Cruises proudly leads in a commitment to sustainability. Evidenced by the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in the Bahamas, they have embarked on a remarkable private initiative dedicated to the concrete preservation of marine life.

Our Concept

Synergies with best partners

In synergie with MSC Cruises, we forge collaborations with an expansive network of established providers across Italy, delivering a competitive edge to our esteemed clients. Our partnerships encompass distinguished hospitality and experienced suppliers, a confluence that culminates in diverse offerings tailored for the most discerning travelers. We conceive leisure travel as an unparalleled and enduring experience, etching memories that withstand the test of time.

Meticulously attuned to travelers’ needs and aspirations, we present captivating itineraries designed to ignite inspiration and cater to the expectations of even the most unique clients.

The Bespoke G4Y Platform

A tailor-made platform designed for instant quotations and bookings.

GOING4YOU is a swift, innovative, and effective platform meticulously crafted to oversee your travel inquiries, accompanied by a host of exceptional attributes:

It generates personalized and visually engaging travel itineraries and documents for seamless client presentation, all set for distribution.
With comprehensive service offerings, the platform empowers you to independently fashion dynamic travel solutions aligned with your clients’ preferences.

Encompassing a solid focus on travelers’ desires and anticipations, it further extends by proposing captivating itineraries that captivate even the most unique clients.

Our Values

We specialize in providing premium travel services to Italy, fortified by a profound understanding of the destination and a unique dedication to crafting tailor-made, high-end experiences. Operating locally within the US, we maintain our Sales & Operations office, enabling us to offer an authentic and invaluable Italian product that seamlessly merges tradition with the latest travel trends.

Our strategic direct contracts with hotels and suppliers confer distinct advantages, while our commitment to ensuring exceptional traveler assistance during their journeys and dedicated concierge support is unwavering.

Integral to the global organization MSC Cruises, we align with the company’s unwavering commitment to five central value pillars:

  • We operate as a family-oriented enterprise.
  • Our endeavors are driven by passion.
  • We are perpetually in a state of evolution.
  • Our interactions are underscored by genuine care for individuals.
  • We ardently advocate for equal opportunities.